As an illustrator most of my time is spent drawing relatively cute and pretty pictures aimed to appease conservative publishers and appeal to a young market. Thus, my private sketchbook is a haven to unfetter my brain on paper... (If you are looking for my usual work in children's literature, check out my regular blog at

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dr Sketchy's Brisbane - March 2012

We were spoilt rotten at Sketchy's last night. Three lovely models for the price of one...
1 min poses
2-3 min poses
5 min pose, "Miss Blue Velvet"
It says 5 minutes, but that's a little misleading. I usually keep working these once the times up. The background cross-hatching is just a bit of fluff to make the figure stand out more.
5 min pose, "Vivian Mae"
I sincerely hope these models don't get offended that I leave out their face, like I've said before, I'm just not good at faces!
5 min pose, "Paige La'Belle"
10 min pose, "Paige La'Belle"
10 min pose, "Paige La'Belle"
15 min pose, "Vivian Mae" & "Paige La'Belle"


  1. LOVE these Ben. Beautiful work as always. Thank you for sharing! Kahlia x

    1. Thanks Kahlia! And thanks for organising, it was a great night. I would've like to stay around and chat, but I had to rush off to catch my bus. See you next month!