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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dr Sketchy's Brisbane - April 2012

Dr Sketchy favourite La Viola Vixen. She was the model last December, and July before that.
1 min poses

2 min poses

3 min pose

5 min pose

5 min pose

10 min pose

15 min pose

Miss Burlesque 2012, Alyssa Kitt, did this quick pose...
3 min pose, "Miss Alyssa Kitt"
No faces, again. I was jokingly likened to a serial killer by a fellow Sketchy sketcher, and asked if I keep the drawings of lady's heads in my freezer :-D

I was loving the choice of music this night — a mix of vintage french jazz like Django Reinhardt and Gus Visuer, Edith Piaf, and a lot of film noir-style jazz. I thought someone had raided my iTunes! I like working to this style of music, so I think it helped my drawing!

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